About Us


The M. J. Santos Hospital was founded by individuals bonded together by the commitment to provide the Caraga region and beyond with excellent healthcare services anchored on the principles of integrity, compassion, and respect for human life. We, at M. J. Santos Hospital, see progress through the growth of the institution as a strong and vibrant top quality healthcare provider that seeks the welfare of its people with passion and fortitude.  M. J. Santos Hospital is now poised into an arduous future of progress and global competence whilst equipped with a humble past of endurance in hard work and prudent openness to the challenges of the ever-evolving society. 

Our shared goal is to ensure health and well-being enriched with great care and courtesy for human life. 

We regard our patients as vital partners in healthcare and the antecedence of our collective effort directed towards holistic wellness. We are in constant pursuit of innovation in our facilities, equipment, and techniques in order to impart exemplary services to you. 

Thus, at M. J. Santos Hospital, we earnestly pledge our fidelity to the vision of our founders, and we remain forever true to the needs of the infirm community.


Be Caraga’s strong indispensable provider of timely, precise and caring health services”

  • We confidently look forward to a future of challenge and growth. Equipped with a humble past of endurance in hard work and prudent openness to progress, we are now poised to leap into a challenging future of progress and expanded values while applying medical services to human life.
  • We see progress. We see our hospital growing into a strong and indispensable provider of top quality patient care and treatment in the Caraga Region and beyond.
  • We see progress through increased reliance and confidence in our Medical Staff, employees and facilities, by ever increasing members of the infirm community.
  • We see Management with built-in concern that is Employees and Medical Staff are able to maintain a lifestyle reflecting human dignity.
  • We see expanded personal values, as we understand better the central role of God in our life and in the lives of our patients. We see the possibility for all to attain “true success”, enjoy rewards that endure beyond time and space.
  • We see the M. J. SANTOS HOSPITAL… true to the vision of its Founders… true to the needs of the infirm community.


“We value life. We live for service. We serve the community to wellness” 

The Hospital proposes that its Mission inspire the following statement:

  1. That top quality, patient care and treatment shall be available to all members of the infirm community, regardless of race, creed sex, social status or political beliefs;
  2. That patients may expect the Hospital Staff to be composed of qualified Medical Nursing and Allied Discipline Professional, to whom patient care is entrusted;
  3. That our Hospital is service-oriented and therefore, collaboration and collegial relationships among health workers are strongly encouraged, to facilitate quality patient care and promote a sense of self-fulfillment and job satisfaction;
  4. That Hospital Staff are partners in this majestic mission of preserving human life and therefore, in so far as Hospital is able, they to be supported in their own personal struggle to live a lifestyle befitting the dignity of human beings;
  5. That the latest innovations and development in the realm of science and technology shall be used by the Hospital to the extent its finances allow, to ensure that high quality and reliable patient care remains available and affordable;
  6. That the Hospital shall work hand-in-hand with the A.L.S.O. and other charity programs, providing free clinics to financially depressed areas;
  7. That the Hospital is a learning field for professional and non-professional health workers. It may therefore provide volunteers with opportunities for skills development during a limited training period and
  8.  That the Hospital upholds the laws of the Roman Catholic Church on matters of morals and ethics in applying medical services to human lives.